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System jet

Efficient combustion with rotating roster drum provides low operating cost

The rotating combustion chamber with ceramic afterburner chamber provides optimal combustion with the highest efficiency over the entire power span. If necessary, the power output can be easily controlled. The rotation creates turbulence for more efficient combustion, higher efficiency and lower emissions.

Sintering and slag are prevented, allowing for less frequent maintenance. Cleaning will be easy since the slag residues do not get stuck in the chamber. The fuel is recirculated so that all energy is utilized before the ash follows the combustion air out of the burner. Rotation and feed rate are adapted for the current power. Variable chamber surface provides the correct shape of the fuel bed for each operating case.

Flue gas acceleration

Efficient heat transfer and less sweeping

The technology provides a high flue gas speed through the tubes of the burner, which increases the heat transfer capacity and keeps the tubes clean. The system requires very low downtime for sweeping and supervision, approx. 4 times a year compared to 40 for a system without flue gas acceleration.

Janfire 02 controls

Automatic fuel compensation improves economy

In order to get as complete combustion as possible and at the same time achieve the best efficiency, a given air surplus is required. Janfire 02 regulation automatically adapts the fuel/air mixture to variations in the volume weight of the fuel. By ensuring at all times that the mixture of air and fuel is correct from the point of view of combustion, the efficiency can be significantly increased.