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About us

Safety and quality from a partner who knows pellets

Janfire is a leading manufacturer of pellet burners and pellet boilers on the market. Since the start in 1983, we have delivered efficient pellet units for households. Today, our technology for reliable, easy-to-manage and environmentally friendly pellet incineration is used in many areas.

Solutions for many applications

With a long history. For more than 40 years, we at Janfire has had our full focus on developing a technology for efficient and sustainable combustion of pellets.

We ourselves think we have come a long way. Our pellet burners and boilers today generate heat not only in households but also for district heating plants, in public buildings and on construction sites around Sweden. Janfire’s systems are also used for the production of steam in industry applications.

Pellet burners and pellet boilers

Our product range is developed to meet the needs of our target groups.

The household owner is offered our pellet boiler Janfire Integral TYP25 and pellet burners in two different versions. The products are offered as packages or separately. The basic technology is also applied in more advanced pellet systems for installation in larger properties.

Mobile pellet systems are primarily used in the construction sector. In a complete concept, construction contractors are offered a solution where we take all the responsibility from start to finish, from installation and set-up to operation and maintenance.

A safe and competent partner

A collaboration with Janfire means you will have a partner to rely on, who knows pellets. Over the years, we have built up a unique experience and expertise.

In our facility in Åmål, Dalsland, beautifully nestled in the very heart of Sweden, we manufacture our pellet boilers and burners. Everything is done on site, from mechanical processing to assembly and electronics.

Not far from the factory, the wood pellets that we then use as fuel in all our systems are also manufactured.

Marketed through retailers

Our products reach the market through a large and well-thought-out network of retailers.

From north to south – in both Sweden and Norway – there are competent partners who can help you as a customer find a pellet solution that really works.

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