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Pellet burner for steam production

The production of steam is a key issue in many industries. Janfire’s unique Janfire System Jet pellet unit produces the necessary steam for food producers such as dairies and breweries, but also for laundries and feed producers.

Many needs steam

Steam is a necessity in several processes of the food industry.

In the pasteurization for cheese making, the steam is used to avoid burning but also to eliminate the need for stirring. The brewery uses steam for heating e.g. mash and pans.

In laundries, steam is used for heating the water, but also in dryers and mangles.

Rotating glow bed for more precise control

Janfire’s pellet burner system Janfire System Jet is a highly efficient and reliable solution for the industry’s steam needs.

Janfire Ånga och processvärme

Steam production is used in process applications such as laundries, breweries and feed production.

Our unique rotary glow bed technology provides unbeatable possibilities to regulate power output and handle rapid power increases. Compared to traditional combustion, the active fuel amount is small and in case of sudden decreases in the power output, only a small amount of after-heat is left to handle.

Janfire offers complete pellet burner systems up to 2 MW.