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Pellet heating for the construction site

Construction heating our fastest growing application area. With a mobile, cost-effective and climate-smart solution, we supply the construction site with the necessary heat. We deliver a complete container-based pellet unit and take responsibility for the entire process, from installation and set-up to operation and maintenance. As a customer, you have no fixed operating costs, you only pay for the energy consumed.

Heat the construction site with the Swedish forest

During the cold months of the year, the construction site often relies on heating to maintain a reasonable working temperature. Heat is also required for dehumidification and to make castings dry at the chosen time.

We supply construction district heat from biofuel in the form of pellets from Swedish forests. The Swedish pellets are of high quality, and in Sweden there are pellet factories all over the country. The raw material can thus be sourced from the local area, which minimizes environmentally damaging transport.

Our offer is based on providing our equipment without fixed costs. As a customer, you only pay for the energy you consume.

Heating from start to finish

Pellet-based construction heat from Janfire is delivered by purpose-built containers that are easily connected to the building’s heating system. We offer container facilities in different sizes but can also install several units in the same location. No project is too big or too small to be heated by us.

The system is delivered as a complete boiler room with a silo container for pellets on top. We ensure that the pellet container is continuously replenished with locally produced biofuel of high quality for continuous operation.

Our facilities are controlled remotely, and we receive direct notifications if something abnormal occurs. In the event of a malfunction, we will immediately dispatch a technician.

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Construction Heat Air 100 kW

Janfire's 10-foot hot air construction heating modules can be delivered with a power supply of 100 kW.

Construction Heat Water 150 kW

Janfire's 10-foot waterborne construction heating modules can be delivered with a power supply of 150 kW.

Construction Heat Water 400 kW

Janfire's 20-foot waterborne construction heating modules can be delivered with a power supply of 400 kW.